BS 8485:2015 A Brief Explanation

BS 8485:2015 Ground Gas Handbook

Code of Practise for the Design of Protective Measures for Methane & Carbon Dioxide Ground Gases for New Buildings

BS 8485:2015 is an essential guide in many areas of the building industry including architects & engineers as well as geomembrane manufacturers, suppliers & installers like ourselves.

The updated guidelines include information on site investigation; how to characterise sites where dangerous gases may be present, particularly asphyxiants such as Methane and Carbon Dioxide; interpreting data and guidance on membrane and venting selection.

The 2015 edition has been expanded to reflect changes in best practise since 2007 and offers a range of tools & guidance in determining ground gas parameters, identifying risks and working towards the most effective protective design solutions.

One of the significant changes has been the requirement for gas protection systems to be inspected and verified by an independent specialist – at Butek Landline we can arrange for industry leading independent specialists to inspect and verify our installations to ensure full compliance with BS 8485:2015 Table 7 requirements which reference the CIRIA 735 document ‘Good practise on the testing and verification of protection systems for buildings against hazardous ground gas’’