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Attenuation Pond: New Lubbersthorpe

Client:r The Trustees of ERB Drummond (Deceased)

Employer: Newline Civil Engineering, Leicester

Location: Beggars Lane, Leicester Forest East, New Lubbersthorpe

Contract Size: Supply & Installation of 3,400m² of Landflex NSP4900 Geosynthetic Clay Liner

Purpose: Attenuation Pond for the control and storage of excess rainwater runoff

Contract Period: 3 Days

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Storm Water Attenuation Tank Installation.

Storm Water Attenuation Tank Installation.

Client: Graftongate Developments Ltd., Birmingham

Customer: Quantum Construction, Tamworth

Engineer: Complete Design Partnership, Bromsgrove

Location: Longbridge Road, Manchester

Contract Size & Description: Supply & Installation of 500m³ Polystorm Geocellular Attenuation Tank using fully welded Landflex Ecobarrier geomembrane and Landflex G3000 protective Geotextile.

Contract Period: 5 Days

This attenuation tank installation project won our Butek Landline site team, overseen by Tony Wilson (pictured below) a Best Practise Award from our customer. We’re very proud of our guys and our customer was delighted with the work carried out. You can read what Andrew Hall, Site Manager for Quantum Construction had to say about our team HERE.