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Baffle Curtains for Reservoir: Simmonds Hill, Cheshire


Client: United Utilities

Location: Frodsham, Cheshire

Contract Size:
12 curtains total length 300LM x 8m high including stainless steel panel sections and top of central divide wall stainless steel vertical post curtain anchorage

Purpose: Baffle curtains for reservoir to improve the hydraulic performance

Contract Period: 6 Weeks

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Waterproof Reservoir Roof, Norfolk

Waterproof Reservoir Roof

Waterproof reservoir roof for Client: Essex and Suffolk Water

Employer: Mowlem/Carillion

Engineer: MWH

Location: Ormesby St Michael, Norfolk

Contract Size:
2162m² Landflex VR300 protective geotextile laid on roof slab beneath 1.2mm DWI approved reinforced polypropylene membrane and Landflex VR600 geotextile laid as a protective layer above the membrane

Purpose: Waterproofing membrane for Ormesby reservoir roof

Contract Period:u 6 Days

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Stanborough Reservoir Roof, Baffle Curtains and Internal Expansion Joints

Stanborough Reservoir Roof baffle curtain and internal expansion joints

Client: South West Water

Employer: M J Gleeson

Engineer: Faber Maunsell

Location: Stanborough Water Treatment Works, near Totnes, Devon

Contract Size and description:

Roof Waterproofing: 2,000m² 1.2mm DWI approved reinforced polypropylene

Baffle Curtains: 120LM – 3 no. Curtains x 4m high

611LM Mastic sealant to floor and wall joints

The irregular shaped reservoir roof required several alternative edge details around the perimeter. The roof work was carried out in conjunction with the baffle curtain work. Internal tower scaffolds were employed for both the curtain installation and the mastic sealant application to the upper wall areas.

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Baffle Curtain Replacement, Pynes WTW, Exeter

“Thanks for doing such a good job”
Ashley Burson, Assistant Project Manager

Project: Replacement of 2no. Baffle Curtains using DWI approved membranes, 45.0Lm x 5.2m high and 24.0Lm x 5.2m high respectively.

Client: South West Water

Summary: The project involved the supply and installation of our pre-fabricated Landflex DWI Polypropylene baffle curtains into an existing Tank.

Challenges: Our team were required to work in a confined space, with extreme care due to recent spray coat refurbishment of reservoir roof, floors and walls in the work space. Paramount importance had to be placed on measures to avoid disturbing the refurbished areas during our attendance. The entire project was time critical; the reservoir needed to resume service as quickly as possible due to extremely hot weather conditions and the upcoming holiday season, both factors increasing demand in the areas served.

Our Solution: Material of choice was our Landflex DWI approved Polypropylene, pre-fabricated with 91 doubled hanging straps, and stainless steel wire reinforcement to every 3rd strap for failure protection. Works included additional reinstatement of P or I bolts with new UPVC pipework to run through the curtain hems. Curtains were fixed to vertical walls using PP battening and S/Steel anchor bolts by means of wrap-around sections of baffle curtain.
All task lighting and necessary level 2 Confined Space working and entry equipment was provided entirely by Butek Landline.

Contract Period: The project was successfully concluded within the specified urgent time frame of four days.