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Prefabricated Gas Barrier Panels: Banknock Housing, Scotland

Banknock housing gas barrier

Cruden Buildings and Renewals Ltd

Akela Construction

Falkirk, Scotland

Contract Size:
1806m² 0.5mm Landflex EcoBarrier in a prewelded panel to suit site dimensions together with 276m² geocomposite and venting pipework.

Prefabricated gas barrier panels for housing plots. Pre-welded for quick and easy, secure, all-weather installation.

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Ground Gas Monitoring System with Venting


Ground gas monitoring system with venting for Client: Health Service Executive

Engineer: O’Connor, Sutton Cronin

Designer: Landline Limited

Location: Dublin, Ireland

Contract Size:
484m² 1.0mm Landflex Elvaloy 90 Gas Membrane together with Passive Gas Venting and Intelligent Under Building and Internal gas monitoring

Purpose: Protection of building from Carbon Dioxide gas using our complete gas monitoring system with venting

Contract Period: 7 Weeks (in 2 phases including commissioning)

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Gas Venting System: Morrisons, Manchester

Morrisons Superstore Gas Venting System, Manchester

Client: W M Morrison Supermarkets Plc

Engineer: AWT Partnership Limited

Architect: WCEC Architects

Location: Denton, Greater Manchester, UK

Contract Size:
6,917m² 1.0mm Landflex PE100HD gas membrane with 1,143m² Landflex Gasflow 25S gas venting geocomposite

Purpose: Complete gas venting system for the building

Contract Period: 4 Weeks

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Gas Venting System Design: Ridgeons Timber Centre, Sudbury

Ridgeons Timber Centre Gas Venting Design and Membrane, Sudbury

Client: Ridgeon Builders Merchant

Engineer: MLM Consulting Engineers

Architect: Wilby & Burnett

Location: Sudbury, Suffolk, UK

Contract Size:
2,075m² 2.0mm Landflex PE200HD and 154m² Landflex ZR40

Purpose: Gas Venting System Design & installation for new timber distribution centre

Contract Period: 1 Week

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Gas Protection System: Stirling Cricket Pitch, Scotland

Stirling Cricket Pitch Gas Protection System, Scotland

Client: Stirling Cricket Club

Engineer: Faber Maunsell

Location: Stirling, Scotland

Contract Size:
16,450m² 1.0mm Landflex PE100HD complete with upper Landflex G3000 protection layer and 1,944m² Landflex Gasflow 25S gas venting geocomposite

Purpose: Gas protection system for new cricket pitch

Contract Period: 12 Days

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Nissan Extension, Sparshatt’s – Hydrocarbon Resistant Membrane

Nissan Extension Gas Barrier

Client: Hydrocarbon resistant membrane for Sparshatt’s Garage, Botley

Employer: Daintree Developments Ltd

Engineer: HGP Architects

Location: Botley, Southampton

Contract Size:

Supply and install 210m² 0.90mm Landflex Elvaloy 90 hydrocarbon resistant gas membrane

Contract Period: 1 Day

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Exhibition Centre – Gas Venting Design & Intelligent Ground Gas Monitoring

Client: Kuwait Oil Company

Consultant: SSH International

Employer: Mohammed Ibrahim Khalil, Al-Kharafi & Bros. Co.

Location: Ahmadi, Kuwait

Contract Size:

9,626m² Landflex PEHD membrane

Purpose: Commissioned to design and supply both passive and active gas venting system for the Exhibition Centre sites, to provide protection from Methane and other Hydrocarbon gases. We included a ground gas monitoring system for ongoing support and supplied the complete system including the Landflex PEHD geomembrane.

Contract Period: 6 Weeks

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Riversmeet Leisure Centre, Christchurch – Gas Venting Design & Under Building Gas Monitoring

Riversmeet Leisure Centre

Client: Christchurch Borough Council

Employer: Christchurch Borough Council

Engineer: Christchurch Borough Council

Designer: Butek Landline Limited (Formerly Landline Limited)

Location: Christchurch, Dorset

Contract Size:

170m² Landflex PE100HD Gas Membrane together with Active Positive Pressure Gas Venting and Under Building Gas Monitoring.System functionality includes real time data and fan switching facility.

Purpose: Protection for the building from Methane and Carbon Dioxide landfill gases.

Contract Period: 2 Weeks in three phases, including commissioning.

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