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Fragmentation Landfill Capping: Cardiff

Fragmentation Landfill Capping, Cardiff

Client: Cardiff Bay Development Corporation

Engineer: Hyder Consulting

Location: Cardiff, South Wales

Contract Size:
90000m² 1.5mm Landflex HCR Smooth, 30000m² 1.5mm Landflex HCR-DRS, 120000m² Landflex VR300 protective geotextile, 120000m² Landflex GS6-TF/MR300 Geocomposite. Construction and Vertical lining of 870LM x 5m deep perimeter Gas Cut Off Trench

Purpose: Fragmentation Landfill Capping for Land reclamation

Contract Period: 28 Weeks

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Porous Paving Installation: Morrisons Superstore

Porous Paving Installation Service

Client: Porous Paving installation for W M Morrison Supermarkets Plc

Employer: Muir Construction

Location: Kirkcaldy, Scotland

Contract Size:
10,437m² 1.0mm Landflex PE100HD with Landflex VR2 protective geotextile and 150m² 1.0mm Landflex PE100HD internal baffles

Purpose: Permeable / porous paving for car park at a new Morrisons superstore

Contract Period: 3 Weeks

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Landfill Capping Services: Nether Dallachy, Scotland

Nether Dallachy Landfill, Scotland

Client: Cell lining and landfill capping services for Moray Council

Engineer: Faber Maunsell

Location: Spey Bay, Scotland

Contract Size:
23,804m² 1.0mm Landflex PE100HD, 8,532m² 1.0mm Landflex HCR-MRS, 17,137m² 1.5mm Landflex PE150HD, 32,336m² VR 300 Virgin Polymer protective geotextile, 17,137m² VR 400 Virgin Polymer protective geotextile

Purpose: Landfill capping and cell lining

Contract Period: 12 Weeks

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Chiswick Park Water Feature Lining

Water Feature Lining with complex design

Client: Stanhope Plc.

Employer: Bovis Lend Lease

Engineer: Ove Arup

Location: Chiswick, London

Contract Size and description: Water Feature Lining System

8,000m² 1.2mm Landflex geomembrane with protective polypropylene membrane.

Supply and install three layer geosynthetic waterproof lining system, supply and construct 15m wide waterfall and 50m rock wall extension.

Supply and install adjustable stainless steel weir plate along with 175ltr/s waterfall pumping system and 25ltr/s re-circulation pumping system.

Supply and install 400mm and 500mm HDPE butt fusion pipework.

Final landscaping to lake perimeter and commissioning of pumping systems.

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