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Groundwater Contamination Prevention: Petrol Stations

J Sainsbury Petrol Station, King's Lynn

Client: Groundwater contamination prevention for J Sainsbury PFS

Location: King’s Lynn, Norfolk, UK

Contract Size:
557m² Reinforced Landflex Elvaloy 90 petrochemical resistant membrane

Purpose: Contamination Prevention.
Lined, welded and covered fuel tank storage facility, for the protection of water courses and surrounding areas from contamination in the event of fuel leakage. Also sealed around hold rings that passed through the membrane and are used for securing the tanks.

Contract Period: 3 Days

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Firewater Storage Tanks: Bracken, Rio De Janeiro

Designer: Butyl Products Group

Location: Bracken, Rio De Janeiro

Client: CTP Environmental

Contract Size:

Supply and assist in installation of 2no. 54ft, 6 ring high storage tanks complete with Geotextile underlay and Polypropylene lining. Sealing to flanged outlets on each tank.

Purpose: Aeration tanks for the treatment of water from chemical processes on site

Contract Period: 12 Days (including travel)

Read more about our Galvanised Steel Storage Tanks or take a look at our UK Tank Store on our Butyl Products Ltd Group website.
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Firefighting Water Storage Reservoir, Liverpool

Project: A fully watertight, impermeable lining system for an existing ‘off-line’ water storage reservoir at the South End Mill site in Liverpool, measuring 16.4m x 25.1m tapering to 21.0m x 1.7m deep.

Client: ADM Milling UK

Summary: The project involved the supply and installation of our Landflex PVC120AP 1.2mm geomembrane above a protective layer of Landflex G3000 geotextile.

Challenges: Prior to any lining works being undertaken our Butek Landline team identified a number of issues that needed to be addressed before the team could attend site and commence installation work.
The remedial works undertaken included:
* Removal of loose vegetation
* Removal of trapped air and water pockets under the existing membrane and removal of any damaged sections
* Making good the concrete structure or brickwork that would enable us to create a solid batten fix for our lining material.

The reservoir was an irregular shape with a stepped section to one end and sloped corners with a lower sump section.

Our Solution: The material of choice on this occasion was our Landflex PVC120AP 1.20mm impermeable geomembrane offering great strength and highly flexible
properties. The membrane has a yield point of 300% in every direction and was the perfect choice for this project.
The material was pre-fabricated into large suitably sized bespoke panels in our Billericay factory prior to deployment, and then trimmed and welded to fit on site by our directly employed Butek Landline installation technicians. The geomembrane was installed over a layer of our Landflex G3000CBR protective geotextile and secured in place using grp battening with M8 x 55mm galvanised steel stud anchors.

Contract Period: The project was successfully concluded within the specified time frame agreed of four days.