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Waterproof Canal Membrane for Athlete’s Village, Glasgow

Athletes' Village canal, Glasgow Commonwealth Games

Client: Waterproof Canal Membrane for City Legacy

Employer: WH Malcolm Construction Services

Location: Glasgow, Scotland

Contract Size:

3,000m² 1.0mm Landflex PE100HD with Landflex G3000 protective geotextile underlayer

Purpose: Installation of waterproof membrane for canal within Athletes’ Village for the Glasgow Commonwealth Games

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Home Farm Reservoir Refurbishment, Cambridgeshire

Home Farm Reservoir, Cambridgeshire

Client: Savills

Consultant: Hawes Associates

Main Contractor: Landline Limited

Location: Babraham, Cambridgeshire

Contract Size:
Reservoir Refurbishment. Tree removal and re-profiling of embankment. Supply and installation of 7,500m² Landflex PE100HD 1.0mm smooth and textured geomembrane to perimeter of existing lake

Purpose: Irrigation reservoir

Contract Period: 4 Weeks

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Golf Course Irrigation Reservoir, Woburn

Horsemoor Irrigation Reservoir, Woburn

Client: Golf course irrigation reservoir for Woburn Golf and Country Club

Location: Milton Keynes

Contract Size:
22,000m² 1.0mm Landflex PE100LL linear low density polyethylene membrane with Landflex G3000 protective geotextile

Purpose: Installed complete lining solution at Horsemoor irrigation reservoir, which has 30million gallon capacity, to provide irrigation for Woburn Golf and Country Club

Contract Period: 20 Days

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Monmouthshire & Brecon Canal : Relining Project

Client: CPC Civils

Employer: Canal & River Trust

Location: Llangattock, Powys

Contract Size:

Supply and installation of 8,000m² 1.20mm Landflex PVC120AP

Summary: Supply and installation of 8,000m2 PVC120AP 1.2mm geomembrane linings sealed to Fosroc water bar (as shown below), with protection geotextile and additional in-situ welding at two bridges.

• Highly robust & resilient materials required due to waterways traffic.
• Recommended materials must be approved by the Canal & River Trust.
• PVC120AP has been successfully installed in other canal relining projects in previous years.

Our PVC120AP geomembrane with liner protection 8000CBR geotextile above and below was recommended due to its durability and suitability for applications of this nature. The materials have a proven track record following successful completion of other canal lining projects in the area in previous years.

Challenges: The lining system had to be installed within a rigid time frame due to other planned works and contractual requirements, and in order to minimise environmental impact to the surrounding area and wildlife.

The initial project was completed on time including sealing to the Fosroc
water bar where required and the mechanical fixings to bridges 115 and 116 and the head walls, and was successfully passed back to the client for the concrete to be poured. Once the concrete was poured it became apparent that while the
water edging installed and lined was entirely to spec, there was a requirement for additional material to be welded to the edging.

Our Solution: The canal section had already been refilled , meaning that the additional material welding operation had to be completed from a boat on the water. Our approach to this final challenge was deemed outstanding by the client, CPC Civils, who were very grateful for our initiative in providing a resolute solution.

Contract Period: 7 Weeks

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Irrigation Lagoon Extension, Windlesham

“After making the decision to increase the size of our reservoir I contacted Butek Landline. They very quickly attended the site and discussed the plan and required groundworks. Once the in house team had the site ready, they again returned quickly and measured the area. I had the quotation the next day.
Scheduling the work was easy and the whole project was painless from start to finish. All members of the team were professional and helpful throughout the project.
A big thank you and well done to all at Butek Landline.”
Michael Redfern, Nursery Manager

Project: Impermeable linings to new irrigation lagoon extension.

Client: Crocus Limited.

Summary: Crocus Limited approached Butek Landline wanting to increase the size of their existing water storage reservoir measuring 50.0m x 80.0m by a further 1,466m². Our inspection showed the existing 1.50mm HDPE material, originally installed in 2011 by some of the same Butek Landline technicians that would be working on this project, to still be in exceptional condition 9 years on.

Challenges: Our initial site inspection and walkthrough revealed evidence of a high water table in one corner and the client undertook the necessary remedial works in this area to alleviate any future issues.

Our Solution: Material of choice once again was our Landflex PE150HD 1.50mm HDPE impermeable geomembrane, which has been tried and tested for more than 30 years and proven time and again to be robust, 100% inert, UV resistant and an incredibly economical solution for these types of project applications. Its ability to be welded on site and tailored to the excavation allows for speedy and efficient installation.
Due to the sand base and steepness of the batter we also supplied our Landflex G3000CBR protective geotextile underlay to both stabilise and prevent the threat of any “washout” to the sand binding layer on the steep batter prior to lining taking place.

Contract Period:

The entire project was successfully concluded within the specified time frame.

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Engine Arm Aquaduct Relining Project

Client: Canal & River Trust funded by Historic England (English Heritage)

Employer: Kier Construction, Solihull

Location: Smethwick

Contract Type: Relining  project utilising Landflex EP100 composite membrane with protective Landflex G3000 geotextile underlayer.

Contract Period: 2 Weeks

Purpose: Relining of existing waterway for water containment

The Challenge

The Engine Arm Aquaduct was designed and constructed by Thomas Telford in 1825 to carry the Engine Arm Canal over the new Birmingham to Wolverhampton Main Line Canal. The Aquaduct is an iron trough supported on a cast iron laced arch with brick and stone abutments. The Aquaduct was previously restored in 1985 incorporating an EPDM liner and a new paint scheme. After nearly 30 years since the initial restoration works the EPDM liner failed and the aquaduct was leaking significantly from both abutments.

Our Solution: Butek Landline (part of the Butyl Products Group) were approached by RHD (on behalf of Kier Construction) to provide a suitable replacement lining solution that would meet the approval of Historic England (formerly English Heritage). The Aquaduct is a listed structure with stringent restrictions relating to mechanical fixing imposed by Historic England. In consultation with the Canal & River Trust and other involved parties, Butek Landline devised a suite of solutions to fix the new Landflex EP100 liner to the aquaduct walls and canal approaches. This included a combination of mechanical fixing (5.0mm thick s/steel battens with neoprene sponge backing and M10 X 60 s/s thrubolts) and a composite fleece backed waterproof liner in conjunction with specialist adhesives for porous and non-porous materials.

To minimise welding operations on site the EP100 composite liners were pre-fabricated into large bespoke panels at Butek Landline’s state of the art factory in Billericay. The EP100 composite liner was installed by Butek Landline’s TWI trained technicians in just 5 days, including all vulcanised joint welding and fixings.