Waterproof Lining Systems for Lakes, Lagoons, Ponds, Canals

We can manufacture, supply and install geomembrane liners and waterproof lining systems for reservoirs, lakes, ponds, canals and lagoons. Our approach ensures a fast response to identifying the perfect lining solution for each project. We have the experience to consider timescale, budget, specification of material and specific site conditions. We provide a full 360 degree service that includes detailed design, liaison with contractors, full installation and inspection.

Our high quality, CE marked range of waterproof lining products includes: Landflex PEHD (HDPE), Landflex PELL (LLDPE), Landflex BR (Butyl Rubber), Landflex EP (EPDM Rubber). Our Landflex G3000, G4000 and G6200 CBR Puncture resistant liner protection Geotextile complements the range, providing excellent protection against damage to our liners. Our selection of materials together with our expertly trained and qualified waterproof lining system installers guarantees the highest standards are met, and unforeseen challenges on site are swiftly resolved, enabling projects to be completed on time and on budget.