Ground Gas Membranes / Gas Venting Systems

BBA Certification for all Butek Landline Gas and Hydrocarbon Membranes
We manufacture & install to ‘Industry Best Practise’ guidelines for prefabricated panels, reducing the need for on-site taping systems

Specialist gas membranes, gas barriers & gas venting systems offered by Butek Landline can be designed, supplied & installed by our skilled technicians. The materials we use are specifically designed for the protection of buildings against the ingress of methane, radon & carbon dioxide gases and other VOC’s that might be present. This is especially relevant where buildings are scheduled to be constructed on Brownfield sites, or on land being earmarked for urban redevelopment, or for sites that have previously been used for commercial or industrial purposes. Butek Landline’s quality assured products and services are backed by extensive technical expertise and unrivalled customer service. Our installation teams operate throughout the UK and Ireland.

Buy Made to Measure ZR60 Gas Resistant Membranes and associated components online at our group site

Specifications and Chemical resistance charts for our specialist gas membranes can be accessed from the link at the top of the page or can be opened in a new window by clicking here.